Innovative Processes and Materials for Jewellery

During this 1-week intensive jewellery “boot camp” you will be immersed in learning about resin casting, mold-making, inlay techniques and beyond, as they relate to contemporary jewellery. Plastics bring long wearing ‘pops’ of color to your jewellery. Artist Rebecca Hannon has researched innovative uses of plastics in tandem with traditional goldsmithing techniques for the past 15 years. Skills acquired during this fast paced week include silicon mold making, resin coloring and casting, micro-mosaics and rhinestone inlay, plexi-glass forming and cold connections to tie it all together. Come learn about the myriad possibilities of plastic and go home with a finished piece. All levels welcome.

About Rebecca Hannon:

Rebecca Hannon is a jeweller and educator based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In her work she investigates adornment in relation to the human form. A choice to attach an object to the body drives her to question and create stories. Cultural histories gleaned through travel, and the people she meets shape her work. Rebecca maintains an active studio practice and her work could be seen at Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal, Museum of Art & Design, NYC, Racine Museum of Art, Racine, Wisconsin, over the past year.