That’s Life: Figure Drawing

This course brings together people of all ages and skill levels who like to draw from the figure!

Drawing from clothed live models, students will receive instruction as they develop basic figure drawing skills starting with: body shape and general proportions, simple gestures and lines of action, using shading and colour accents to create form, and more. Special classes will focus on details such as heads, hands and faces.

Typically, classes will start with short, warm-up gesture poses and move gradually to longer poses, all with an emphasis on learning to draw the human figure in 3D. Students will experiment with a range of artist tools and techniques and be introduced to the styles of many different artists and illustrators.

Easels are provided.

Students Should Bring:

  • Graphite pencils containing a range of grades (e.g., 2B, 4B, 6B).
  • Other drawing media such as: conte, charcoal (vine or pencils), pastels, inks
  • Erasers: both a plastic / vinyl one and a kneaded-rubber one.
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Bulldog clips
  • Pad of 18 x 24” Newsprint drawing paper, either Plain or Manila. Also Gray or Tan papers.
  • Sketch book. A 9 x 12” wire-bound one, with good quality, mixed-media paper is best,
because it can flip open and lie flat, and is suitable for a variety of drawing media.

About Michael Peters:

Michael Peters is an artist and a design professional with over three decades of multidisciplinary expertise in design, design management and art & design education. His experience on projects of all types and sizes has covered a broad range of responsibilities from conceptual planning and design, to creative direction and project management, to business development and promotion.

Michael was a full-time professor at Sheridan College in Ontario and taught courses in Graphic Design, 3D Design, Drawing, Design Management, and Digital Media. He has a Master of Design degree from NSCAD University, 2012 (with a focus on participatory design), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (painting and photography) from Mount Allison University, 1977. Also, way back when, he used to teach children’s art classes at the Royal Ontario Museum’s Saturday Morning Club.

In addition to his work as a design educator, Michael was a senior designer at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and subsequently has worked as a design director overseeing the development of international museums and art galleries, corporate identity programs, web and print communications and wayfinding-signage programs for a range of cultural, corporate and governmental groups and organizations.