Go Figure: 3D Portrait Workshop

During our 10 Session course you will sculpt the head, in clay, from life and finish with a plaster cast of your piece to take home.

We will begin by sculpting the head from a human anatomical resin skull (day 1) upon which we will build the portrait with a likeness to our model (days 2-7). You will finish the course by making a mould of your work and pouring a plaster cast and chipping the finished piece out of the mould (days 8, 9 & 10).

Things to consider:

Landmarks of the skull

  • widest point of the cranium, nasal bone, hairline, zygomatic arch, chin and tragus (ear hole).

Block In 

  • we will consider the large volumes of the head to develop the basic shape of the skull, focusing on the profile: hairline to nasal bone, nasal bone to teeth, teeth to chin
  • establish the position of the tragus – our ‘anchor point’ which with the use of a straight edge, caliper or comparative tool help us to define the profile further
  • our focus will be to achieve a likeness in the profile before moving on to developing the fullness of the head and boney structure of the face.

Often misunderstood

  • the depth and backward movement of the face, which will be better appreciated once the position of the tragus has been established

Rhythm of Form

  • symmetry is important and often challenging. A sculpture should be worked in a balanced and even fashion, always moving from a centerline (vertical and horizontal) to add clay – side to side, back to front
  • compare your work to the model – stand back, use your mirror
  • keep your work under built

Students Should Bring:

  • Apron and hand towel; bring any sculpting tools you might have (LSA will have some tools on hand), or buy a basic set, small hand mirror, hammer, chisel, plastic bag (to cover your work).

About Chippie Kennedy:

b. 1956 Ottawa, Canada

At an early age Chippie Kennedy developed an interest in the presentation of the human figure, in particular the body as a show – piece for clothing. This led her to pursue a degree in Fashion Design from Ryerson University and a career designing on 7th Ave. in New York City. However, as Kennedy’s fascination with texture and movement grew she turned her attention to sculpture. The transition from cloth to clay paralleled the search for the understanding of human form and spirit alike.

Kennedy enrolled in the Florence Academy of Art where she obtained her master’s in 2012. She has since exhibited her work extensively in the United States and abroad. In 2012, Kennedy’s sleeping nude Daphne was included in National Sculpture Society’s Sculpture for a New Century at SUNY Orange in upstate New York. Kennedy was also a finalist in the ARC Salon in 2014, 2015 and 2017, and won “Best Portrait Award” at the Canadian Portrait Society Competition in 2017. Kennedy is an elected Sculptor Member of National Sculpture Society.

Ms. Kennedy’s work has also been recognized for excellence and is in private collections in the US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France and the UK.

Chippie has established her permanent studio in the historic Town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and she divides her time between the US and Canada.