Bowl-O-Rama Ceramics Workshop

Bowl-O-Rama is a weeklong workshop that focuses on ceramic skills intensification through the making of bowls. Students will be led through a series of exercises intended to develop throwing and hand building techniques, and to encourage the emergence of a personal style. Ongoing discussions on material choices such as clay and glaze pallet development are interwoven into daily demonstrations. Participants are welcome at any level; basic throwing skills and a cheery disposition are beneficial. This workshop is also in support of the biennial “Ramp It Up” fundraiser for Second Story Women’s Centre, in Lunenburg.


Students should bring:

  • Apron
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Sketch book
  • Pencils

About Doug Bamford & Marla Benton:

About Doug Bamford

Douglas Bamford lives in “Old Town”, Lunenburg, N.S., and is busy with a vibrant studio practice, a passion for gardening, and being on the water.  Douglas holds a diploma from Sheridan School of Design, 1975, where he majored in both furniture design and ceramics, and a BFA in Ceramics and a B.ED (Art Education) from NSCAD University in 1995.

Douglas has a rich background as a ceramic artist, a builder, furniture and fixture designer, educator and public artist. He recently completed a major Architectural Ceramic commission, a public installation entitled; “ Making Steel” in Sydney, Cape Breton.

His stated inspiration: “As an artist and designer I have a love of useful and beautiful objects. My art is an investigation of the history of ornamental language, using such timeless icons as architectural ornament and ceramic tile pattern. I am currently working with what I see around my town, the Town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

About Marla Benton

Marla Benton is a clay artist and educator living and working from her studio in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. She holds degrees from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, the Ontario College of Art and Design (BFA), and Nipissing University (B.Ed.).

Marla has over 16 years experience in art education in public schools, galleries, studios, and private workshops in the Yukon, Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Currently, she teaches at the Chester Art Centre and the Lunenburg School of the Arts.

Her work has been published in the USA in American Craft and within Canada, in Studio Magazine, Canmore Leader, Yukon Arts Magazine, and The Chronicle Herald.

Though her primary medium is clay, Benton has experience in printmaking, weaving, metal, and woodworking, and her work is informed by a playful experimentation with different mediums and materials.

Clay is an art form that allows for function and sculpture to mix or be completely separate – a piece can be simultaneously practical and fanciful. Each piece is presented as an expression of this exploratory process; a single idea may progress through multiple pieces as Marla physically explores it.

Both Marla’s gallery work and installation art encourage personal connection through text and interactive hands-on elements. She plays with scale and combines surprising elements to challenge expectations, evoke emotion and curiosity, and encourage interaction and participation – leaving her audience with an emotional and physical memory of the art.

Her work in the last two years with Uncommon Common Art, in Wolfville, N.S., and Nocturne: Art at Night, in Halifax, N.S., has been highly complimented by an education outreach program that allows entire schools to create public art projects. These aspects of her work fuel both her need to create and her desire to teach.

To see some of her work: